Top 7 Most Trusted SEO Case Studies on Google Ranking Factors in 2019

Backlinko Analyzed 912 Million Blog Posts: Content Study

Connections as a Ranking Factor: Study by Stone Temple

Positioning Factors SEMrush Study 2.0

Searchmetrics Ranking Factors 101: Search Matrix

Neighborhood Search Ranking Factors, by Moz

YouTube Search, by Briggsby

Speed Factors Affecting Google Rankings: Neil Patel

What's remembered for these seven contextual investigations and connection to every one demonstrated as follows.

Key Findings from the Content Study by Backlinko:

Backlinko Analyzed 912 Million Blog Posts. This is what they Learned About Content Marketing.

Long-structure content gets a normal of 77.2% a larger number of connections than short articles.

94% of all blog entries have zero outer joins.

Features that are 14-17 words long create 76.7% more social offers than short features.

Rundown posts get a normal of 218% a greater number of offers than "how to" posts and 203% a bigger number of offers than infographics.

Positioning Factors Study 2.0 by SEMrush

SEMrush took a lot of huge information comprising of 600,000 catchphrases from their overall base and the initial 100 SERP positions for every one of them. They likewise had a rundown of supposed positioning elements that may impact the page positions.

Key takeaways from the exploration:

Direct site traffic is the most compelling positioning factor. That is, when numerous clients go to a site legitimately it is a decent sign to Google that the area has high power and worth.

Client conduct flag, for example, time nearby, pages per session and skip rate likewise impact site rankings, since they demonstrate site quality and significance for clients.

Backlink factors are critical for rankings. With the exception of the variables identified with grapple messages, all the backlink factors share fifth spot in the significance graph
Contextual analysis by Stone Temple: Link as Ranking Factors

Stone Temple shared the outcomes from the fourth of their "Connections as a Ranking Factor" examines.

They directed the first of these examinations in May 2016 and have been following a similar inquiry set after some time to quantify any material moves in the job of connections.

In the current year's examination, They likewise took a gander at various market segments to perceive how the job of connections may differ by advertise segment.

Searchmetrics Ranking Factors 1O1 – Key Findings:

Key takeaways on SEO rankings from the examination:

Content significance and client plan are the key center.

Positioning Factors are getting progressively customized.

Specialized factors – essential for good rankings.

Client signals – Google is continually watching you.

Backlinks – the descending pattern proceeds

Nearby Search positioning factors by MOZ

MOZ discharged the rankings factors for neighborhood search and are very intriguing to get your nearby business positioned high in google.

YouTube SEO Ranking Factor Study by Briggsby

To more readily see how the YouTube Search calculation functions, Briggsby took a gander at 3.8 million information focuses crosswise over 100,000 recordings and 75,000 channels.

Utilizing a watchword test that contained an assortment of named substances (individuals, places, things, and so on.) and questions (how, why, and so on.), they checked rankings for the initial 20 outcomes and brought a wide exhibit of information through the YouTube API, scratching, and extra examination.

youtube search engine optimization positioning elements

Speed Factors Impacting Google Rankings By Neil Patel

Neil Patel Analyzed 143,827 URLs and Discovered the Overlooked Speed Factors That Impact Google Rankings.

It is the biggest investigation of the effect of site speed on Google search rankings at any point performed.

He surfaced a few profoundly huge discoveries. These discoveries are noteworthy, mostly in light of the fact that they've never been uncovered, yet additionally on the grounds that they could have a gigantic effect on your site's inquiry rankings!

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