Almonds: Well being Advantages and Dietary Worth


Almonds are one of the crucial widespread nuts, with quite a few well being advantages. Almonds or Prunus dulcis, was primarily native to the Mediterranean area, Center-East, Turkey and South-East Asian international locations. The fruit of this tree is commonly consumed uncooked, toasted, or within the type of almond milk.

This nut has quite a few well being advantages. Analysis has proven that this fruit will increase the Excessive-Density Lipoprotein (HDL) ranges and reduces the LDL-Levels of cholesterol. It's a good supply of B-complex nutritional vitamins and dietary fiber. The varied well being advantages of this fruit are described beneath.

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Antioxidants Anti-aging | Diabetes II | Cardiovascular issues | Excessive Blood Strain | Excessive Levels of cholesterol | Weight problems | Girls well being | Pores and skin | vitality | Gallstones |

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Almonds, like all different nuts, are low in carbohydrates and excessive in good fat, proteins, fiber and important micronutrients. Almonds comprise important quantities of magnesium, which is seen to be very low in all diabetics. Magnesium is a necessary mineral which helps in sustaining the blood sugar ranges within the physique, improves the operate of insulin together with serving to in a number of physique processes.

Coronary heart Illnesses:

Almonds are very useful in stopping a number of coronary heart illnesses. The magnesium in almonds reduces hypertension. Almonds assist to decrease the LDL levels of cholesterol and improve the HDL levels of cholesterol. In addition they forestall oxidation of LDL, which is a vital step in stopping plaque formation within the blood vessels.

Weight problems:

A number of studies point out that an almond-containing low-calorie food plan, wealthy in monounsaturated fatty acids, helps in reducing the burden quicker than a food plan excessive in advanced carbohydrates. Individuals who eat nuts twice every week are additionally much less prone to acquire weight

Nutrient Worth of Almonds: (Serving measurement: 100 g):


Vitality - 2,408 kJ (576 kcal)

Fats- 49.42 g

Saturated- 3.731 g

Monounsaturated- 30.889 g

Polyunsaturated- 12.070 g

Carbohydrates- 21.69 g

Starch- 0.74 g

Sugars- 3.89 g

Dietary fiber- 12.2 g

Protein- 21.22 g

Water- 4.70 g

Nutritional vitamins

Vitamin A equiv.

Choline- 52.1 mg

Vitamin E- 26.2 mg

Niacin (B3) - 3.385 mg

Riboflavin (B2) - 1.014 mg

Pantothenic acid (B5) - 0.469 mg

Thiamine (B1) - 0.211 mg

Vitamin B6- 0.143 mg

Folate (B9) - 50 μg

Beta-carotene- 1 μg

Lutein zeaxanthin- 1 μg

Vitamin A- 1 IU


Potassium- 705 mg

Phosphorus- 484 mg

Magnesium- 268 mg

Calcium- 264 mg

Iron- 3.72 mg

Zinc- 3.08 mg

Manganese- 2.285 mg

Sodium- 1 mg

Supply: USDA Nutrient Database No. 28

Supply by Aakanksha Vatsal